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Present situation in Bangladesh

The Cummins diesel generators that sale to Bangladesh are completed of debugging recently, our engineers get back to China today. What our engineers debug is 10 diesel generators of 200kw,which is used for primary power source of mine, see the following configuration: 1. Diesel generator: Yangzhou Walter Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd Model:WET-200 Power: 200kw/250kva 2. Diesel engine: Chongqing Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd Model: NTA855-G1 Power: 240kw/265kw 3. Alternator: Yangzhou Walter Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd Model: WDQ-200 Power: 200kw. These ten generators are operated automatic in parallel. When the first generator is in 80% loading, the second one are automatic starting, and the same to the next generators. After debugging by our engineers, the customer is very satisfied and speak highly of our products and our company. The following pictures are taken back from the local site by our engineers.

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