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Dear customer, our company implements the direct sales model,responsible for all customer service by our company,our company in the country has more than 40 special repair shops,to ensure maximum customer maintenance demand.

The current market manufacturers uneven, some good and some bad,many manufacturers after sale service is not in place, prevarication customer's quality problems,or sales pompous staff in the sales process, passing problem buck to the service department,service department for various reasons and then back to the sales department, not willing to take the responsibility.

Our solemn promise,all of our customers regardless of any problems,we will send for customers to solve, and then analyze the reasons, to determine the attribution of responsibility.

Our company implements the customer service commissioner system,signed a contract with the client sales for customer service specialist,no other manufacturer after sale service departments prevarication phenomenon,please keep the contract after the signing of the contract,any problems can be directly linked to 24 hours after sale service for you to solve.

The company as a service commissioner turnover, the new service will take over with you,our company has built each customer files, you do not need to worry about.If there are special reasons can not contact the service specialist, can directly contact our customer service department,each unit shipments are accompanied by customer service contact card,customer service phone website also announced,just to the factory unit number,after verification we will provide you with the thoughtful service.

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