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Industry characteristics of diesel generator sets

1.Volatility of the development of the industry: from 2003, subject to the power supply constraints, many enterprises have purchase a diesel generator set to fill the electricity gap. The following two years, the development of generator sets industry is extraordinarily rapid, making the market on a number of diesel engine plant and Motor Factory began supporting the production of diesel generator sets, the whole market unit quality varies greatly, many manufacturers, industry volatility.

2.Entered a stable period of development: With the large capital investment of power facilities, China's power shortage situation is getting better, the demand for emergency power are becoming increasingly stable. Domestic hospitals, banks, shipbuilding, and field work required the generator group also showed a steady growth in the situation.

3.Export market occupied a considerable share: With the all-round development of the generator set market, the country is fully equipped with an absolute advantage to seize foreign markets, many foreign customers to bulk purchase orders, but the domestic generating sets for the export of low-end machinesLord.

4.Domestic grade competition quite different: generator sets in China has seen a large development, but there is still a large difference and abroad generator set level, mainly in the unit reliability, service life, intelligent, automatedaspects. Therefore, the domestic high-end market of generator sets Cummins, VOLVO, Daewoo brand.

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